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Broady Series-3500



  • ●  ASME Section VIII, Division 1: “UV” stamp - approval.

  • ●  Designed, manufactured and tested to API 520, 526 and 527.

  • ●  CE marking to category IV.

  • ●  Excellent accumulation, blowdown and repeatable reseating characteristics.

  • ●  Total lift full nozzle design.

  • ●  Suitable for gases, liquids and vapour applications.

  • ●  Available in cast steel or stainless steel as standard, with other materials on request.

  • ●  API orifice designation from D to T.

  • ●  Sizes 1” x 2” through to 8” x 10”, flanged to recognized standards. 

Characteristics of body and trim materials 


Alloy steel ASME SA217 WC6
This is particularly suitable for high temperature ranges from 426
oC to 538oC (800oF to 1000oF) for its excellent creep strength. 


Alloy steel ASME SA352 LCC
This material is recommended for use in the temperature ranges from -30
oC to -60oC (-21oF to -75oF) 



Stainless steel ASME SA351 CF8
This has practically the same composition as AISI 304 with the addition of approximately 2% of molybdenum. Its corrosion resistance properties are better than those of AISI 304. 


Stainless steel ASME SA351 CF8M
This is a stainless steel containing molybdenum and with a maximum carbon content of 0.03%. It may be welded without losing its corrosive resistance.
This type of steel is used when a resistance similar to that of AISI 316 is required and it is not possible to anneal the pieces after welding. 



Carbon steel ASME SA216 WCB
This is particularly suitable for fluids such as air, saturated or superheated stem, non-corrosive gases and temperatures from

-29oC to 426oC (-20oF to 800oF). 



ASTM A 182-F316 (AISI 316) Stainless Steel
This is the material normally used in the manufacture of the nozzle and disc for the excellent corrosion resistance properties. 



ASTM A 182-F304 (AISI 304) Stainless Steel
This has the same characteristics as AISI 316 stainless steel and is recommended for use with low temperature.
It has good corrosion resistance properties. 


Bronze to BS1400 LG2 and 4
A copper based metal with good resistive properties for water, seawater and oxygen services. 


Aluminium Bronze to BS1400 AB2
Another copper based metal with excellent resistive properties against seawater services. The addition of Aluminium and Nickel gives increased strength and superior corrosion resistance over bronze. 


Broady Series-2600






The Type 2600 Series of valves are direct acting full lift safety relief valves that are designed to open rapidly and re-seat at a controlled pressure, essential in such diverse applications as petro-chemical, power generation and pharmaceutical. 



  • ●  Direct acting, full lift Safety Relief Valve

  • ●  Pop action design

  • ●  Gas, vapour and liquid service

  • ●  Manufactured in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel as Standard

  • ●  Other materials on request

  • ●  Screwed or Flanged from 15mm x 25mm to 25mm x 25mm

  • ●  Maximum Set pressure 140 Barg 











Broady Series-D









The D series range of direct acting design, pressure reducing valves are used globally in a variety of applications, throughout industry, where outstanding accuracy and reliability is essential. 




  • ●  Direct acting pressure reducing valve for liquids

  • ●  Manufactured in either SG Iron or Gunmetal as Standard

  • ●  Can be supplied in other materials on request

  • ●  Screwed or flanged from 15mm to 200mm (screwed up to 50mm)

  • ●  Maximum inlet 20 Barg

  • ●  Reduced pressure range 0.35 to 13.8 Barg

  • ●  WRC approval on request 











Broady Series-CL



Protecting valuable products from atmospheric conditions or protecting the atmosphere from hazardous vapors the CL gas blanketing regulator meets all your stringent demands.

Over the past few years we have listened to our customer’s needs and requirements, developing a new valve that controls 

pressure accurately from as little as 10.0 mBar.
Broady Flow Control have been supplying the gas blanketing valve

for many years, obtaining many prestigious contracts throughout the world. The valve is available in Stainless Steel as standard, flanged to either PN or ANSI standards on short delivery schedules. 





  • ●  Balanced inlet design giving little or no variation in reduced pressure when the inlet pressure is variable.

  • ●  Spring loaded to give zero reduced pressure when the main spring is relaxed.

  • ●  Standard construction in Stainless Steel.

  • ●  Floating disc design giving repeatable shut off on “no flow” conditions.

  • ●  Very low pressure reduction, 10.0 mBar.

  • ●  Available with integral pressure gauge.

  • ●  Large orifice area to give good flow characteristics.

  • ●  Tapered plug giving excellent stability at full and low flows