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DYNA-LOK rotary control valves are provided by a double eccentric disc and a very easy-to-be changed PTFE based or metal seat ring. Thanks to DYNA-LOK disc off-set design, the torque tending to close the valve and, more in general the torque needed to control the disc rotation is significantly reduced.
In addition, the cam effect performed by second shaft eccentricity improves the seal ring life.

These valves can offer a great flow control with an excellent shut-off effect withstanding also very high pressure drops independently of the flow direction.
For applications up to ANSI 600 ratings only one packing is provided around the shaft on actuator side . As outlined in the sectional view the other end of shaft is assisted by an axial bearing which withstands the unbalanced thrust due to internal pressure acting on the shaft sectional area.

For very high pressure applications ( usually from ANSI 900 and over), two packings are provided on both sides of shaft to balance the internal axial thrusts and reduce friction and wear against the bearing (fig.4). 



  • -  cast, forged or fabricated construction depending on the size and material selection; usually forging plate for wafer and lug construction, casted for flanged construction and forged if especially requested
  • -  face-to-face dimensions up to ANSI 300 as per EN 558, ISO 5752.
  • -  sizes: