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TRV1 and TRV2 3-way Control Valves 


TRV control valves series are especially designed for heat exchangers control where the flow rate of the heating fluid which

enters the heat exchanger is changed by the temperature controller. As outlined in the sketches of Fig.1 and 2 both the two methods used for this process switch-off the flow rate into a by-pass line around the exchanger. In the layout of Fig.1 thevalve is the diverting type TRV1 with one inlet and two outlets while in the arrangement of Fig 2 the valve is the mixing type TRV2 with two inlets from heat exchanger and by-pass. The use of the by-pass around the exchanger limits the changes of pressure in the main line with many benefits for the assisted final equipment (boilers, headers, etc.). 


TRV Design

Fig.2 – Mixing type 3-way control valve in heat exchanger application

In both designs the fluid tends to open the plug to ensure the max stability to the valve operation. The selection between the two solutions is basedprincipally on fluid temperature and on the differential temperature T1-T2 across the exchanger. TRV1 diverting type is generally preferred for high