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Cartridge Filters 




The cartridge filters are designed to remove all solid particle contaminants such as dirt, rust pipeline scale from Natural Gas in Chemical Plants, Pipeline Stations, Reduction and Metering stations, Refineries and other processing applications. Cartridge Filters protect meters, regulators, valves and other related in-line equipments, by effectively removing unwanted particles from the Gas stream. 


Operating Principle

The cartridge filters are able to guarantee high effi- ciency standard by removing the solid contaminants at relatively pressure drop. Upon entering the larger and heavier particles settle to the bottom of the inlet chamber.And then the gas, by passing through the fil- ter elements which trap and retain the finer parti- cles, exits clean to the top of the vessel. It could be inserted a “quick opening” end closure for access to, cleaning or replacement of the filter elements. 




Filters for solid and liquid particles

  • -  filtering efficiency up to 100% for particles 3 ÷ 50 microns

  • -  vertical and horizontal installation

  • -  design codes:ASME Sect.VIII Div. 1-2,“U” STAMP, PED

    KO drum
    Slug catcher
    Gas scrubber (Cyclone,Vane mist, Multi-cyclone)

  • Cartridge
    Dual stage filter separator