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One of the most common fire scenario for floating tanks is a rim fire and NFPA 11 standard requires foam chambers/pourers on the perimeter of the tank, which is effective but two weak points can be identified:

a. The rim fires, in the early stages, are relatively small and may be managed by a smaller water/foam application b. The foam chamber system are often fed by the general tank-farm foam system, that is normally quite large.

This means : inertia, delay, damage to the rim and unnecessary waste of foam

In other words: a fire that may be extinguished by a small and quick system, causes a larger and slower system to go in operation. To address these negative points, RIMSEAL protection systems were introduced.

“First strike” system is designed to extinguish small fires avoiding main foam discharge and rim damage; it must be SELF-STANDING (automatic operation without interaction with Control Systems);
it must be EFFECTIVE on fire;
it must be virtually MAINTENANCE FREE;

...and it must be CHEAP.