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Heat exchangers are designed for heating natural gas, air, propane and other non aggressive gases.They are designed to compensate the Joule-Thompson effect during a gas expansion, in order to avoid the hydrates formation potentially dangerous in gas treatment and reduction station. The working principle is based on heat exchange by conduction between the heating fluid (hot water or steam) and the gas to be expanded. Heat exchangers guarantee a wide exchange surface in order to keep high thermal efficiency. 



Design advantages:

Standard design units are available for a wide range of temperatures, pressures and flow rates

Customised features upon customer request Wide range of materials

  • Heating fluids: hot water and steam

  • Low Pressure Loss

  • Large surface for high thermal efficiency

  • Low Maintenance costs

  • No floating parts are inside the equipment, which

    will avoid malfunctions and maintenance costs. 



Maximum working temperature: up to 300°C

  • Gas nozzle connection: from ANSI 150

    up to ANSI 900

  • Water/steam nozzle connection:

    PN16,ANSI 150,ANSI 300

  • Power rating: from 7.000 kcal/h

    up to 5.000.000 kcal/h
    Low cost internal inspection: with the inspectable

    model it is possible to check and verify the inter- nalsection of the vessel with a low service cost.